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How To Order?

B Florist Online Shop can give you a happy experience for online shopping.

Ordering our products, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the process.

1) First, choose a product that you want to place order.

2) After that, click “Add to Cart” to checkout your cart, or “ Buy Now” to continue choosing the products.

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3) Write down the “Shipping Address”(recipient’s details) / “ Billing Address”. Please make sure the shipping address is  correct.

4)  Below is “Remark Column”,you can write down a remark for us.

  •  For specific time (Express Delivery) / Change colour of wrappers & etc..

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5) Choose the shipping method to proceed your order.

6) We provided a free message card. 
  - You can leave down the message at “Message Card           Column”.

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7) Choose the payment method to submit your order. We will received your order after payment. 


As always, Happy Shopping. Thanks you!

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